Why is Indianospital the right choice for you?

We at Indianospital understand that travelling from your native country to get medical care is not easy. But we are here to make your stay comfortable. We, having an Indian Diaspora network in over 18 countries, will get you the best facilities available. Indianospital focuses only on your well-being, and we give our customers the best possible results.

Indianospital will provide a wide range of medical treatments across various specialties, catering to the healthcare needs of both international patients and the Indian diaspora. We understand the unique cultural and emotional aspects associated with the Indian diaspora seeking medical care in their home country. Thus, our services will be tailored to meet their specific requirements and ensure a comfortable and familiar environment during their treatment journey.

For Our Clients

The Simplest Process for Finding Healthcare Abroad

·  Explore: Find and research the top hospitals and destinations.
·  Quote: Request a quote directly through our website.
·  Match: Based on your criteria, we recommend the best hospitals or providers.
·  Arrange: The provider will contact you directly to coordinate your treatment.
·  Treat: Finalise your treatment with the hospital or provider of your choice.


We push the limits of what’s possible for our patients.

  • Clinical Excellence: We strive to convert distant medical possibilities into current procedures, aiding our patients. We are committed to fulfilling the health aspirations of citizens across the globe.
  • Personalised Care: We provide the best-in-class healthcare experience with our high-precision technologies and try to suggest non-invasive treatments to keep our patients minds at ease.
  • Quality Standards: We provide global access to advanced healthcare through a simple and streamlined process.
  • Unparalleled Patient Experience: Our International Patient Care Programme offers extraordinary services for international patients and their families. We aim to meet the needs and requirements of you and your family.

Choosing Indianospital as a partner in your medical care

  • We make your treatment effortless by providing a cost estimate: It can be difficult to find the right care for you and your loved ones. Our goal is to take the pain out of your battle with medical problems. We want to ensure that we provide you with the best advice possible, so you don’t have to deal with a confusing healthcare system.
  • Doctors and hospitals: We will help you find the best Doctors and medical facilities that caters to your need and class.
  • Accommodation: Indianospital cares for your comfortable stay while giving you the best medical care. We help you find the best accommodations based on your budget.
  • Airport Pick-Up and Drop: We are there to make sure that you reach your medical centre with ease, so we provide you with airport pick-up and drop.
  • Currency Exchange/Payment Options: Indianospital will take care of all the currency exchanges in the Indian Rupee and will help you pay in the most convenient way.
  • End-to-End Hassle-Free Visa Assistance: Worry not! As we at Indianospital provide you with medical visa assistance. As soon as we get your passports, we will generate a request letter through the respective hospital and send it to the embassy. One copy will be sent to you as well. Indianospital will make sure that you don’t face any problems. The M-visa was introduced by the Government of India for people seeking medical care. It can be issued easily and can be extended depending on the period of treatment. A visa-on-arrival system for tourists from a few selected countries has been instituted by the government of India. To inquire more about visas and their applications, go through Indian Visa Online.
  • Interpretation Services: At Indianospital, we believe that language should never become a barrier. We don’t want it to obstruct your ability to get the best medical help. To solve language differences, we provide you with a translator or interpreter. It will help you communicate better.
  • All these services are available in the following countries as well: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Dubai, Jordan, Brazil, Turkey, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and South Korea.

For Our Partners & Collaborators

Indianospital aims to revolutionize the medical tourism sector in India by providing exceptional healthcare services to international patients, including the Indian diaspora. Through our comprehensive services, top-notch medical facilities, and dedicated team, we are confident in achieving success and positioning India as a global leader in medical tourism while addressing the unique needs and preferences of the Indian diaspora.

Join us on this exciting journey as we showcase the excellence of Indian healthcare and create a positive impact on the lives of patients from around the world, including our valued Indian diaspora.

Indianospital is an integrated medical platform connecting India’s best medical facilities with patients worldwide.

Tie-ups with various well-known hospitals in different countries

We have collaborations with several reputable hospitals in India, which allows us to give the best healthcare services.

Experienced medical counselors to assist the patients

Our medical counsellors will guide the patients through the treatment plans and suggest the best doctors or hospitals.

Different case managers for all the cases provided by you

If you provide us patient cases, we will put our experts to handle these cases with utmost care and expertise.

Separate website to check the referral cases

We provide you with a separate website that will allow you to manage and see the status of your referral cases.

Timely and appropriate settlements

We prioritize clear payment terms, efficient processing with reliable financial partners, ensuring successful business relationship.

What can we do together?

Serving patients

We provide seamless medical tourism services for your patients in our carefully selected destinations. Our expert team make it easy for you to work with us.

Patient management and logistics

We handle all aspects of patient management and logistics, from booking travel arrangements to coordinating medical appointments and follow-up care

Quality assurance

We have stringent quality assurance processes in place to ensure that the medical services provided to international patients meet the highest standards of care.

Expand your reach

Partnering with us can help you connect with patients from all over the world, allowing you to expand your reach and grow your business

Continued support

Our ongoing support to our partners, regular communication and feedback, to ensure that our partnership remains strong and successful over the future.

Join the team to make healthcare accessible for everyone, Worldwide

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